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Things to Do in Southport, North Carolina

Vacations are supposed to be enjoyable and thrilling, but the primary purpose is always to relax on a deeper level. Southport, North Carolina, is a great place to escape the stresses of everyday life and relish the calm and quiet nature.

In summary, there are several things to do in Southport, North Carolina. The people in this city are warm and kind, so conversing with them and learning about their culture is always enjoyable. This lovely seaside town boasts many historical sites, museums, restaurants, and outdoor activities.

Take a walk along the River Walk and Southport Pier.

The Cape Fear River is near the Pier and is a lovely area to relax and appreciate nature. It is a walkway for both pedestrians and cyclists. You may stroll along the magnificent route in the evening and witness the gorgeous sunset. This promenade’s city and river views are breathtaking, stretching as far as the eye can achieve.

It’s ideal for water sports enthusiasts since it’s located on the sea, offers several fishing spots, and is one of the nicest beaches to unwind on. Several seats are located throughout the Pier for visitors to relax and enjoy the tranquility.

The Fort Fisher Ferry allows you to go over the river.

Prepare for the wildest water cruises as you depart for Southport, North Carolina. There are about seven routes available on the North Carolina state ferry system. One of the nicest is the one to Fort Fisher. It runs from Southport to the Fort Fisher region of Barrier Island. The ship departs 14 times every day. You will enjoy not only the water ferry but along the water and the surrounding city.

The Fort Johnston Museum and Visitors Centre is where you may learn about local history.

The fort that is currently the Fort Johnston Museum and Visitors Centre was built in 1748. The British erected this fort to safeguard the region surrounding Brunswick against French and Spanish invasions. Before it was transformed into a museum, it was an operational fort in the village.

This museum is currently one of North Carolina’s most popular. It houses significant artifacts, papers, and art dating back hundreds of years. The items on the exhibit may teach you about Southport’s culture, history, and tradition.

Visit the Brunswick County historic jail.

The Old Brunswick County Jail was constructed in 1904 to house those who had broken the law. After imprisonment for 70 years, it was transformed into a unique museum of historical significance. The structure is made of brick and has two stories.

Once inside, there is plenty to see and learn about where offenders were confined and how they received punishment in the past. The structure has two rooms and a basement. In 1986, Sissy Spacek filmed the acclaimed film Crimes of the Heart at the prison museum.

You may learn about the culture at the North Carolina Maritime Museum.

The North Carolina Maritime Museum is an excellent choice for travelers interested in learning more about the past and the way of life of the city they visit. This museum has an insane number of artifacts. You’ll be astounded by how beautifully the art depicts how people live in the region.

The walls are covered with exhibits depicting various cultural characteristics of the region. There is antique fishing equipment, such as a 2,000-year-old canoe. This museum explores all facets of nautical culture, from the American Revolution to additional shipwrecks that have affected Southport today.


Paddle boats are among the best things to do in Southport, North Carolina. The water in the river is pure and transparent, stretching across a broad region. Many locals earn a lot of money by renting boats and allowing others to paddle them.

The boat size you hire will be determined by the number of passengers on board. In addition, every boat owner ensures that visitors are safe. They will teach you the correct way to paddle and guarantee that you have complete control of the boat.

Birds may be seen when walking through the Southport Marsh.

It is one of the most lovely sites to stroll along a forest path and enjoy the view. You’ll enjoy hearing the birds chirp and seeing them soar. Yes, there are many different types of birds in this region. Blue herons, egrets, and other species may be seen. Binoculars will let you view them more clearly. There are also stores and restaurants along the road, so you may dine while admiring the scenery.


The atmosphere and atmosphere of Southport, a tiny town, are peaceful. You may have the most enjoyable and carefree vacation in this city. Walking along a pier in Southport while soaking in the gorgeous scenery is one of the many ways to experience the relaxing effects of this town.

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