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The Most Attractive Destinations To Visit In Africa

Africa is a very interesting and culturally diverse place to visit. Here are the ten finest locations to visit in Africa to assist you in planning a trip there. I spent a year in Africa, where I visited many different countries and had many exciting experiences.

There, I had some of the best times of my life. Usually, I wouldn’t use the word best because every country has its things to give, but I understand that if you’re visiting Africa for the first time, you might require to visit some of the most well-known places.

South Africa

If you’ve never been to Africa, South Africa is the best place to go, especially if you land in Cape Town. Travelers can enjoy many different scenery and activities in the country. Starting in Cape Town, take the lovely Garden Route north.

You can notice whales off the coast of Hermanus, and in Gansbaai, you can cage dive with great white sharks. Then we went towards Kruger National Park, which has one of Africa’s best tours. If you prefer wine, you should travel to Stellenbosch, which offers some of the best in Africa, and sip it while admiring the surroundings.


Kenya is one of my favorite places to visit in Africa, and I’ve been there three times. It has everything you could require from a trip to Africa: local culture, tours to see animals, white-sand beaches, and hikes up mountains. Safaris in the Masai Mara and other national parks, including Lake Nakuru, provide the greatest wildlife experiences in Africa. You can find some of the best food along the coast, especially in Mombasa, where wonderful Swahili food is made.


Ethiopia is among the most interesting and beautiful places to visit in Africa. Explore the old rock buildings in the Tigray region, go camping in the Simien Mountains, discover traditional culture in the Omo Valley, or get away from everything in the faraway, empty Danakil Depression. The famous stone churches in Lalibela and the fortresses at Fasil Ghebbi are Unesco World Heritage Sites. Harar, in the east of the country, is additionally a very old place with a lot of history.


Morocco is also important because of its long past and varied scenery. It has some of the best food in Africa as well. This was the initial African country I ever went to, even though I was very young. I went on a trip around the country when I was an adult.

See the old city of Fez, go hiking in the Atlas Mountains, eat some of the best fish in Africa in Essaouira while visiting the Medina of Essaouira, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and get lost in the shops of Marrakech. You may also go on safari in the desolate Sahara desert, and the shore near Sidi Ifni boasts some of the greatest surfing in Africa.


Since the slaughter that took place there in the 1990s, Rwanda has had to come a long way. It is now the best country in Africa, and there are a lot of places to visit there. The jungle is an excellent spot to go hiking, and the mountains within the city are lush and green.

Rwanda is most famous for gorilla climbing, walking through the bush to see wild gorillas. It is a lovely location, and the people there are very kind. It is near Kenya and Tanzania, so getting there from those countries is easy. Starting in Tanzania and going to Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya is one of the best ways to travel around Africa.


Ah, Egypt! This was my first trip to an African country as an adult. At least once, every traveler should try to see the pyramids at Giza. Egypt is also a good place to visit for the first time in Africa because it is famous with visitors and has much to see and do. You won’t have a “real” African experience like in Kenya or Tanzania, where you can go on tours and see wild animals.


Botswana is Africa’s best place to visit, with many wildlife and natural beauty. There are many places to go on an adventure, from the big Okavango Delta to the easier-to-reach Chobe National Park. The largest places you can visit are salt lands and the Kalahari Desert. The Okavango Delta was one of the more interesting places I visited in Africa. Trekking up the Theta rivers in a small local boat and getting close to wildlife makes for a unique trip.


Ghana is the best place to go because it is the most accessible country in West Africa for first-time guests. It has great fish, beautiful beaches, and a laid-back tropical vibe. You may go on safaris to see animals and learn about how people in the country have lived for generations. Grab a drink and relax on the beach. Try surfing, view the sunset, and take in the beauty of Ghana.


The only thing Zambia doesn’t have is beaches. Some of the best tours in Africa, like the one offered in South Luangwa National Park, offer an in-depth look at how people live there. The country’s biggest draw is the famed Victoria Falls, Africa’s most popular tourist destination.

At the Royal Livingstone Hotel, you can watch hippos grunt in the Zambezi River as the sun goes down while drinking a beer. Apart from Victoria Falls, there aren’t as many visitors in the rest of the nation, which is a pity since it has a lot of attractions and is one of the greatest locations to visit in Africa for various reasons.

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