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The Fascinating Things To Do In London

There’s plenty here for everyone, regardless of how old you are or what journey you choose. The majestic ancient structures transport you into a movie or back in time, and the whole city is steeped in history. It’s a beautiful sensation to have immediately recognizable locations emerge before you.

Whether you’re seeing a new display at the Victoria & Albert Museum, going to Borough Market for some good cuisine, or checking out the nightlife in Brixton, London is constantly buzzing. Because the city’s residents come from all around, there is a diverse range of cuisines, music, and fashion. London understands over 300 languages and has over 170 museums.

Travel back in time with a one-day journey to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath.

London has a lot to offer, so why not take advantage of the chance to see some of the top landmarks in the UK in just one day? First, visit Windsor Castle, which has been the residence of the royal household for 1000 years and is still a marvel to see. Then, on the route to Stonehenge, gaze out the carriage windows and take in the scenery.

In this wild and mystical region, it’s difficult not to sense the power of these odd stones. Your historical day excursion will conclude on Bath’s winding Georgian streets, where you may tour and see the Bath Abbey and Roman Baths. It’s a fantastic journey through history that everyone should take.

Explore Westminster Abbey.

Because of its medieval spires and design, this 1,000-year-old monument is easy to see along the Thames’s banks. When you’ve had your fill of being impressed by how lovely the exterior is, walk inside to be even more astounded.

Consider how you may follow in the footsteps of kings as you tour the interior, which boasts stunning stonework and stained-glass windows. Every king or queen has been crowned here since 1066. You may remember it from Will and Kate’s wedding. There are also notable British figures like Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton’s graves.

A London Pass allows you to visit much of the city.

As previously said, London is a large city with a lot to do and see, so you are interested in sightseeing without worrying about money or getting about. So, if you’re heading to London, you’ll need to get a London Pass. This little card grants you free entrance to over 70 of London’s most popular attractions, including Windsor Castle, Westminster Cathedral, and the Shard.

You can even bypass the queue at some of them. You may purchase it for 1 to 10 days, depending on how long you want to stay, which provides you the flexibility we adore. We prioritize conserving money, particularly because Brexit is projected to increase travel prices in the United Kingdom.

Fly above London on the London Eye.

Nothing beats viewing a lovely metropolis like London from the air. Sit in one of the acrylic pods that line the 135-meter-high London Ferris wheel on the Southbank and take in the sights.

It resembles a Ferris wheel but goes considerably slower, giving you plenty of time to take in the scenery, which can be viewed for up to 25 miles on a clear day. We like how the pods include tablets that inform you about the details of what you’re gazing at, but you don’t have to use them to browse around.

You may walk in Harry’s shoes with a Magical Harry Potter Walking Tour.

Muggles, step aside! We currently have some fantastic activities in London for Harry Potter enthusiasts. This 2.5-hour trip takes you to locations used in the Harry Potter films. It’s an excellent way to merge London’s charm with wizards’ magic. From the Ministry of Magic’s entrance to Diagon Alley & the Millennium Bridge, you’ll be immersed in the action and discover more about how London influenced the novel.

In Churchill’s War Rooms, you’ll feel victorious.

The Churchill War Rooms of the Imperial War Museum is a fascinating aspect of the museum. They take you into the historic Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s wartime bunker in Westminster. Everyone who loves WWII, leadership, or amazing speeches should view this. Churchill is still Britain’s most well-known figure, and you’ll know why after viewing these multimedia exhibits that bring his era to life.

The London Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour shows you the city’s attractions.

Enjoy an open-air double-decker bus to visit all of London’s top attractions without figuring out how to use the tube. You create your arrangements, and you may get off the bus at any stop if you want to remain longer.

You can buy a ticket for one, two, or three days, which includes a 30-minute Thames river boat and a walking tour, so it’s a no-brainer. Riding on the top deck, you can view all the renowned landmarks without being obstructed and listen to excellent commentary.

Take an afternoon tour, such as a Jack the Ripper tour, to learn about history.

London, as one would imagine from such a historic city, is full of secrets. This tour will help you figure out a few of them but may also lead you to find others! You’ll begin by seeing both historic sites St. Paul’s Cathedral with the Tower of London.

You’ll also view the Crown Jewels and maybe witness Anne Boleyn’s ghost before visiting Fleet Street, the Old Bailey, and London’s filthy East End. Learn about the renowned London murderer Jack the Ripper and visit the 10 Bells Pubs, where many victims drank. It’s enough to make you sick, but a delicious chip and fish platter will make you feel better.

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