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Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes In Tennessee

Even though Tennessee is a landlocked state, there are plenty of beaches since numerous beautiful lakes exist. You should go to Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville if you go to Tennessee. Check out the list of Tennessee’s best beaches by the water. You can take a boat, swim, fish, and kayak, among other things, at the beach. Most lakes are also near state parks where you can camp, walk, and ride your bike.

Big Ridge Lake

People can go to the grassy beach at Big Ridge Lake in the summer. Families can have much fun in the area by playing beach volleyball, basketball, tennis, baseball, and other sports. If you would like to camp for a night or two, there are over 50 spots and 20 houses. There is much room to swim and many empty tables where a family could have lunch.

Cordell Hull Lake

Cordell Hull Lake has a lot of fun things for kids to do. The U.S. Army Corps of Designers built it. At this beach, you can do many fun things, like rent a boat, fish, have lunch, and more. Check out the two sites next to each other if you want to stay for a night or two. Between them, there are over 150 places.

Cherokee Lake

Cherokee Lake is the best place in the area to fish for bass. Beautiful hills and farms surround it, making it an excellent camp, fish, or kayak spot. There are multiple boat docks, picnic areas, and camps for those deficient to stay longer. Check the neighborhood schedule to see what’s happening near Cherokee Lake, like fireworks shows and parties.

The lake Cheatham

The U.S. Army Corporations of Engineers created Cheatham Lake. It has more than 320 miles of family-friendly beaches. There are 18 places to start boats on the beach, 14 parks, and two piers. This is a great place for kids and aquatic activities like kayaking, surfing, and water skiing.

Lake Centre Hill

Centre Hill Lake is made when the Collins River and the Caney Fork River meet. At this beautiful beach, there are many things to see. It has 400 miles of beaches, two beautiful waterfalls, and three ancient buildings. You can fish, boat, kayak, and walk along the Caney Fork River. Centre Hill Lake is an excellent spot to swim and fish, and it is set up in a way that makes both activities easy.

Chickamauga Lake

Where Chickamauga Lake is now, the Chickamauga Cherokee Tribe used to live. Since it has 1,300 kilometers of shoreline, it is a highly regarded place for children. The area around the lake also has two animal centers, a museum, and eight parks. You can do some of the most famous water activities at the lake, such as paddle boarding, skiing, swimming, fishing, and boats.

Grundy Lakes

The Grundy Lakes region has some of the best historic sites and hiking trails. Bring your friends to the beach for lunch, or spread out your blankets to soak up the sun. The state park in the area is made up of 30,485 acres and is spread out over four counties. There are many ways to make your beach day at Grundy Lakes better. There are waterfalls, streams, hills, and trees.

Percy Priest Lake

If you are vacationing in Nashville, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit J. Percy Priest Lake. Wakeboarding, fishing, boating, swimming, skiing, horseback riding, bicycling, picnicking, and seeing local animals may be enjoyed close to the heart of Nashville.

There are three locations to choose from if you want to spend the night along the shore, and they are spaced out across 42 miles. A volleyball game is available for adults while children play on the playground next to Bryant Cove. This beach is often considered to be among the state’s finest.

Kentucky Lake

When you observe Kentucky Lake, its size might make you think it is an ocean. Since the lake is more than 160,300 acres, there is much room for group camping, fishing, and water sports. There are cabins, wildlife walks, and ancient places near the coast. Check the event list if you’d like to participate in one of the yearly events.

Dale Hollow Lake

Another project undertaken by the United States Army Corps of Engineers is the construction of the Dale Hollow Reservoir. There is a lot of space for families to go boating, fishing, swimming, and participating in other aquatic activities between Kentucky and Tennessee.

The tranquility and allure of the beach are often appreciated by those who want to spend their time there boating or camping. Children are welcome to play in both the tiny garden located next to the Initial Christian Church as well as the putt-putt course that is located next to the Methodist Church.

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