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Top Tourist Attractions In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an excellent tourist destination. It is a terrific blend of energetic, bustling, frantic, and historic, with many of Hong Kong’s greatest things to do scattered across the region. I was sold after just a few hours in Hong Kong.

Even if just for a few months, I would readily call it home and learn to know the city. This city is enjoyable and simple to grasp since it boasts excellent restaurants, a stunning skyline, rooftop bars, and a lot of hustle and bustle.

So, I’d like to inform you about some of the greatest things to do in Hong Kong. Also, whether you’re staying for a weekend, a stopover, or a lengthy period, you may easily visit a handful of them. So, here are a few of the best activities in Hong Kong. Have a fantastic time.

Use the Star Ferry.

When you arrive in Hong Kong, you’ll want to obtain a bird’s-eye perspective of the metropolis. The Star Ferry in Hong Kong is an excellent approach to promoting the city. If you must see how the city appears at night, catch the boat after 8 p.m. As the setting sun shines and the city lights dazzle, you’ll have a stunning perspective of Hong Kong.

The Symphony at Lights spectacle over Victoria Harbour is the world’s biggest light and music spectacle. We spotted this from our rooftop bar on the first night, but we didn’t realize what had occurred until we walked to the harbor the following day.

Discover Lantau Island.

There is a location on Hong Kong’s largest outlying island where culture and art blend nicely. You may travel to the Po Lin Monastery, cruise by the Tai O fishermen’s community, or take the Ngong Ping cable car. The “Giant Buddha,” formerly the Tian Tan Buddha, is one of the most significant attractions on Lantau Island.

There is a three-story museum underneath the monument where visitors may understand the history of Hong Kong and Lantau Island, including the statue itself. After your day excursion, you may view the sunset above the South China Sea as you return to the Kowloon Peninsula. It’s like another universe and the best thing to do in Hong Kong’s highlands.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Traveling with children may be challenging, especially in congested cities. Therefore, families visiting Hong Kong should visit Hong Kong Disneyland. Disneyland is still fun, even if you just have grownups.

It’s a terrific opportunity to consume as many sweet foods as possible, ride as many attractions as possible, and become a kid again. If you don’t enjoy theme parks, you may prefer to utilize your vacation in Hong Kong doing some of the city’s other top attractions.

Victoria Peak boasts a spectacular outlook

You may now stroll or ramble to the top, but it will take a lot of effort! Take a tram up here or a cab if the tram is packed. We had to sit for over two hours for the tram the last time we visited, so booking tickets ahead of time is wise. Because it is Hong Kong’s highest Peak, the views from Top Peak are spectacular.

Visitors can view towering structures and the South China Sea from one location. There is a premium viewing platform at the Peak, but the view from up there isn’t much better than the free viewing deck, so don’t feel obligated to go there. Still, the premium watching platform isn’t too pricey, so you should try it.

Hike the Dragon’s Back

This is an excellent hike for those who have never hiked before. Hikers will ascend to the Peak through bamboo gardens and tree tunnels. The trek takes around 20 minutes, and the heavy forest canopy breaks up to provide a stunning perspective of the city & the South China Sea. When you need an escape from the city’s bright lights, this is a terrific stroll near the city that lets you get lost in nature.

In the summer, when the temp is high, it’s a wonderful idea to go for a trek and then stroll down to the beach to swim. The route takes around four hours to complete, but the walk to the first viewpoint is just 45 minutes round-trip, so do whatever you like. This is the finest thing you can do in Hong Kong to stretch your legs.

Explore Kowloon

You can see a more rural aspect of Hong Kong and visit a few entertaining locations on the Kowloon portion of Victoria Harbour. The Hong Kong Museum of History has antique texts and an in-depth examination of Hong Kong’s past and present. In Kowloon, there is also a beautiful tiny flower market where folks may stop and smell the roses. Then, visit the Xiqu Centre, which has a wealth of information on the history of Xiqu in Hong Kong.

Look at the Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is still standing. It was constructed using an old railway station that had been demolished for a long period. This towering structure serves as a welcome sign, reminding Hong Kong residents of what it was like to arrive on the island by steam train, boat, or aircraft. The Clock Tower, now an official landmark, is still the first sight visitors to Hong Kong see when they arrive.

Take a look at Star Street

If you enjoy movies and want to learn more about them, head to the Avenue of Stars. This location is near Victoria Harbour, so visitors can stroll there and enjoy the views. The Street of the Stars was designed to resemble Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. It has names and handprints of prominent Hong Kong film industry figures. I don’t know everybody on this street, but it’s a lovely spot to stroll around sunset.

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