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Top 10 Best Houseboats Available In South Africa

On a slow-moving boat in the center of the ocean by yourself or with your loved ones. Taking away all the accumulated stress while sipping most expensive South African wine. If this sounds like heaven, why not rent one of the beautiful boats this Christmas and float away from all the worries of life? There’s something for everybody on the list below, whether you’re looking for a simple wooden shed or a high-end yacht.


This sleek, stylish boat is docked in Cape Town‘s V&A Waterfront’s busy harbor area. You can see beautiful sights like Table Mountain and the Cape Wheel. The V&A is right across the street from the boat, and shops, restaurants, and other area sites are close by. Inside, Siena is cozy and pretty, and it has three bedrooms.

Baby Blue Too

The hull of this adorable houseboat is modeled like a Norwegian lifeboat, but you won’t be navigating deep seas on it. Instead, you’ll reside on the serene Langebaan Lagoon, with its gorgeous clear waters and neighboring white-sand beaches that are appealing all year.

If you have a skipper’s license, you can go to the lake and look around. Suppose you don’t want to drive yourself to Kraalbaai for the night. In that case, your hosts will happily take you there for an extra fee. Inflatable paddle boats with powerful, flat tops are a great place to sunbake or read before getting a quiet night’s sleep in the center of a beautiful bay on the West Coast that is protected from the wind.

Larus Houseboat

This cool wooden houseboat is a fun way to discover the lagoon and see the beautiful beach and calm water of Kraalbaai. Larus has a big open deck made even more useful and efficient by a big mobile dock with a braai. During the day, up to 12 people can book Larus for special events like parties and business talks.

Matrix for Charters

This small sailboat has polished wooden furniture and nice interiors. Depending on what you want, you can sail to Clifton all over Robben Island, Dassen Island, Hout Bay, Saldanha Bay, or Mykonos. You can eat at one of the places on the Waterfront or board, but you have to plan your meals ahead of time. Bring the kids, since it’s fun for the whole family.

Knysna Houseboat Myrtle

You can spend a few days floating around the Knysna Lagoon in this cozy wooden house. Watch the sun go down, and then the sun comes up. When you wake up, you can see the Knysna Heads, the lagoon, and the quays. Houseboat Myrtle is one of the area’s first houseboats. It has everything you and your friends and family need to have fun. Also, pets are permitted, so bring your sailing-loving dogs and cats.

Nirvana Houseboat

This two-story houseboat and its floating dock are in the middle of the Langebaan Lagoon. You can rent each floor on its own, or you can rent the whole house. This fully furnished houseboat on the tranquil banks of Kraalbaai is a tiny paradise perfect for family holidays, outings with friends, or any special event under the sun.

Princess Emma

You’ll feel like you’re enjoying the high life if you spend the night at the V&A Waterfront. Even more so if you exchange your hotel room for one of this luxury yacht’s rosewood or cherry wood cabins… People can sail the seas on Princess Emma like James Bond.

Take a trip around Mother City’s Atlantic Seaboard, jump off the diving deck and swim in the cool blue water, and then eat a meal for eight on the outside deck. Then, spend the rest of the night sleeping while the boat gently rocks you to sleep.

Happy Ours

Enjoy a two-day tour of luxury on your houseboat. Start at Table Bay Harbour and go from there to discover the Atlantic Seaboard. You’ll explore Camps Bay on the first day and Robben Island on the second. On both journeys, you’ll have coffee, a late lunch, and wines, beers, and drinks made with local ingredients. When it gets dark, you’ll return to the V&A Waterfront, where the sounds of the sea and the city’s lights will help you fall asleep.

Knysna Houseboats

In front of you is the peaceful Knysna Lagoon, which gives you a break from life on land. The Knysna Heads, seen in the distance, used to scare British ships. They thought this was the world’s most hazardous spot to get into a harbor. But when you are sitting on the deck of your barge.

Serenity HouseBoat

This luxury houseboat is on the clear waters of Kraalbaai in the West National Park, approximately one hour from Cape Town. The big lounge area opens up to a deck where one can relax. It’s an excellent spot for a romantic trip, a trip with the whole family, or a quiet getaway because you can see the beach and lake from there. The boat is self-catered, but you can plan to have food brought on board if you want to.

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