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10 Rare Cat Breeds That Will Make You Say Meow

Cats are amazing creatures. They are cute, cuddly, independent, and sometimes downright hilarious. But did you know that there are hundreds of different cat breeds in the world, each with their unique appearance and personality? Some of them are so rare that you might never see them in real life unless you are a dedicated cat lover or a lucky traveler.

In this article, I will introduce you to 10 of the rarest cat breeds in the world, and tell you some interesting facts about them.

10. Sphynx

Dmitry Makeev via Wikimedia Commons

Sphynx is a cat breed that is known for its lack of fur, which makes it look like an alien or a statue. The Sphynx is not hairless but has a very fine layer of peach fuzz on its skin.

The breed was developed from cats with a natural mutation that prevented hair growth, which occurred in Minnesota and Canada in the 1970s.

The Sphynx is a very social, affectionate, and curious cat, and it loves to cuddle with its owners to keep warm. It also requires regular bathing and moisturizing to keep its skin healthy.

9. Savannah

Jason Douglas, via Wikimedia Commons

Savannah is a cat breed that is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval, a wild African cat. The Savannah is one of the largest and most exotic cat breeds, with a tall and lean body, large ears, long legs, and spotted fur.

Savannah can weigh up to 25 pounds and can jump up to eight feet high. Savannah is a very intelligent, curious, and energetic cat, and it needs a lot of stimulation and exercise. It also has a strong hunting instinct, and it can get along well with other animals.

8. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a cat breed that is famous for its adorable folded ears, which give it a look of perpetual surprise. The fold is caused by a genetic mutation that affects the cartilage of the ears, making them bend forward and downward. Not all Scottish Folds have folded ears, though, as the gene is not completely dominant.

The breed originated from a barn cat in Scotland in the 1960s and was later exported to North America and other countries. Scottish Folds are very friendly, affectionate, and playful cats, and they love to follow their owners around the house.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat

Haggis MacHaggis via Wikimedia Commons

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a natural breed that originated from the forests of Norway, where it adapted to the cold and harsh climate. It has a thick and water-repellent coat, large paws, and a long bushy tail. It is also one of the largest cat breeds, weighing up to 20 pounds.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is believed to be descended from the domestic cats brought by the ancient Romans, and it has a long history in Norse mythology and folklore. It is a very intelligent, loyal, and independent cat, but it also enjoys human company and attention.

6. Turkish Van

Louiethe27th, via Wikimedia Commons

The Turkish Van is a cat breed that originated from the Lake Van region of Turkey, where it has been living for centuries. It has a distinctive pattern of white fur with red or brown markings on its head and tail, which is called the “Van pattern”.

The Turkish Van is also known as the “swimming cat”, as it enjoys playing in the water and has a water-resistant coat. It is a very active, energetic, and agile cat, and it forms strong bonds with its owners.

5. Japanese Bobtail

Heikki Siltala, CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The Japanese Bobtail is a cat breed that has a short tail that resembles a pom-pom or a rabbit’s tail. The tail can be straight, curved, or kinked, and it varies in length from one to four inches. The breed is native to Japan, where it has been considered a symbol of good luck for centuries.

It is often depicted in art, literature, and folklore as the “beckoning cat” or the “maneki-neko”. The Japanese Bobtail is a very friendly, outgoing, and vocal cat, and it likes to communicate with its owners using different sounds.

4. European Burmese

Jgroland2, via Wikimedia Commons

The European Burmese is a cat breed that is related to the Burmese cat but has some differences in appearance and temperament. The European Burmese has a more slender and elegant body, a more rounded head, and larger ears.

It also comes in more colors than the Burmese, such as red, cream, blue, and lilac. The European Burmese is a very affectionate, playful, and intelligent cat, and it likes to be involved in everything that its owners do.

3. American Bobtail

Via cattime

American Bobtail is a cat breed that is similar to the Japanese Bobtail but has a different origin and personality. The American Bobtail was developed from feral domestic cats that had a natural mutation for a short tail, which occurred in the United States in the 1960s.

The breed has not been mixed with any other breeds, and it retains its wild appearance and survival instincts. The American Bobtail is a very healthy, adaptable, and loyal cat, and it makes a great companion for travelers and adventurers.

2. Turkish Angora

Vinydeluz, via Wikimedia Commons

The Turkish Angora is a cat breed that comes from Ankara (formerly Angora), Turkey, where it has been bred for its silky white coat since the 16th century. The Turkish Angora has blue eyes, gold eyes, or odd eyes (one blue and one gold), which are considered very desirable.

The breed was nearly extinct in the 20th century due to crossbreeding with other cats, but it was preserved by the Ankara Zoo and later exported to other countries. The Turkish Angora is a very elegant, graceful, and intelligent cat, and it likes to be the center of attention.

1. Chantilly-Tiffany

Jkasutoro, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Chantilly-Tiffany is a cat breed that is also known as the Foreign Longhair or the Tiffany. It has a semi-long coat that comes in various colors, such as chocolate, lilac, blue, or fawn. It also has striking green or gold eyes that contrast with its fur.

The breed was developed in North America in the 1960s from cats of unknown origin. The Chantilly-Tiffany is a very sweet, gentle, and affectionate cat, and it likes to purr and cuddle with its owners.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about 10 rare cat breeds in the world. If you are interested in adopting one of these cats, make sure you do your research and find a reputable breeder or rescue organization. These cats are not only beautiful but also have amazing personalities that will enrich your life.

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